Video Production

Are you looking for professional video production that’s affordable?

Whether you want a one off film for your website, or ongoing social media content, Hyde Media works with your budget to support your marketing strategy effectively and efficiently.

Did you know? You Tube is the second largest search engine after Google.And Facebook reports more than 8 billion video views daily. According to tech giants, Cisco, video accounted for 73 per cent of internet traffic in 2016, and that proportion is predicted to reach 82 per cent this year.

Why do I need video on my website?

Our attention spans are shrinking. Video enables a business to get across its message in an engaging manner. It allows more information to be communicated succinctly. And Google loves video. By producing an informative, entertaining video you can:

  • Drive organic traffic to your site
  • Increases click-throughs
  • Build meaningful connections with your customers
  • Improve relationships and loyalty
  • Produce shareable content on social media.


That’s why we want to be able to help your business afford video production

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How can you use video?

Videos for websites

Want to encourage people to visit your hotel or pub? Video looks so much better than a few internal photographs.

Receive excellent feedback and comments from your clients – why not film your testimonials? It’s much more personal, and believable.

Find people struggle to use your product? An easy to understand How To Video will help it to come alive.

Holding an event? Let us film it for you to encourage more people to attend next time.

Videos for Email Marketing

Are you regularly sending out emails to clients or customers? Find they’re opening them but not engaging?

It’s so much easier for people to watch a video, than to read a page of text.

What about a video showing off your Product of the Month, an exclusive reveal of something you’re working on or a Behind the Scenes expose? Or you could bring an Event Invitation to life.

Videos for Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Linked In and Twitter love video. It’s the best way to get your posts seen by your followers and the ideal format in which to advertise your business.

It’s also incredibly shareable – and that’s what you want – your customers recommending you to their friends and family.

There’s no better or more trustworthy selling technique.

And what about Live Video? The number one way to crack the new Facebook algorithm. We can help.

Still not convinced video production will work for you?

Firstly, take a look at our video portfolio to see some examples of how we’ve helped businesses like yours to shine online.

If you’re at all worried about how and where to use your video, don’t be. We’ll be able to tell you the technical needs behind maximising the effectiveness of your new venture into video. And we’re happy to help with all forms of marketing, always including a good old fashioned creative brainstorm to help you on the way.

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