The Media Production Show is an annual networking event in London showcasing the brightest and best of what the media world has to offer. Extraordinary advances in technology are exhibited alongside inspiring seminars and presentations from key industry spokespeople.

Hyde Media was first in the queue for the Corporate Video Masterclass, featuring Josh Bloom – Head of Video at Mumsnet, and Gemma Ackerly and Chris Baker from dock10 – the UK’s leading television facility.

So how do they make Corporate Videos work for their clients? “It’s helping brands communicate effectively with parents [their audience]” by representing your “community” or members – seven million in the case of Mumsnet, according to Josh.

Gemma added, “We want to get under the skin of a business and their challenges and then take that forward”. Chris, who specialises in special effects, also stressed the need to entertain, “You need to be able to enjoy [the video] even more than a television programme. You want your audience to react”. 

They do this by ensuring any client is very clear about their objectives, getting the brief right from the start, then they go on the journey together. “If you don’t have clarity of mind before you set foot on set, it won’t work,” said Josh.

Their GOLDEN RULES for corporate video production:

Josh: “Are you making content your audience wants to watch? Or just promoting a brand message?” Adding, “Millenials in particular can tell when they are being sold to”. 

Gemma: “Know your audience and identify key messages and then stick to them.”

Chris: “Think about how you are going to get there, rather than the end product. Then do it in the best possible way”.